The MMA & Karate Rules

Mixed Martial arts, including karate, is a combat sport famous for full contact, striking, grappling techniques, and that can be played in a variety of styles. Most of these styles depend on the country in question. In our case, the United States, and Delaware specifically.

The art can be practiced standing or sprawling on the ground. The Mixed Martial Arts sport has a set of rules that all the players should adhere to.

Howard Rosenberg is the man credited for coining the name of the sport in 1993. The name was then officially adopted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the United States championship from where it gained much more popularity. Since its inception, the rules have changed to accommodate current and upcoming issues. The Unified Rules developed for Mixed Martial Arts have been greatly adopted by those who practice the sport over the years in different parts of the world, including the first state. This enhances uniformity and worldwide competitiveness in this field.

These rules define what the fighters are expected to do, what is foul play, how long the rounds are and such things as the correct gear to be worn when competing. The fighters are expected to understand and abide by these rules with several forms of punishment outlined for those who do not adhere to the rules. The rules are not only aimed at promoting safety but also to ensure respect to human life. They are also aimed at ensuring fairness when competing.

The safety of the fighter is a matter of importance and the rules to ensure this include but are not limited to hand wrapping before wearing of the fighting gloves, use of protective gear for the teeth usually a mouth guard, the head is protected by wearing a special type of helmet.

In addition to wearing protective gear, the fighters are not allowed to target their opponent’s critical organs including the heart, lungs, the groin or even major blood vessels. For male players, groin protection is advised. The players usually fight bare-chested unless they are female who are allowed to wear sports bras during the match. If you want safe practice, Delaware karate or Delaware MMA is a great place to start.

The rounds usually are five minutes long with competitive matches having up to five rounds. The players are not supposed to restrain from fighting the opponent during the first few minutes in order to save up on energy. The game should be on an equal strength basis with different weights having different categories. This ensures that strong players compete against people of equal strength to prevent overwhelming those who are not as strong. Prolonged ground sprawling can be seen as a violation of the rules as players maybe using it to save up on energy. If the arena is ringed, the players are not supposed to hold unnecessarily on to the rings of the arena.

The sport is usually judged by a panel who are experts in Mixed Martial Arts and karate. These may include players who have retired from competitive practice due to several differing reasons, those who have been certified as trainers for the art or even those who compete in higher level competitions. The panel is supposed to judge on several attributes including strategies, skills and expertise. The panel should observe fairness in their judgement and award the most deserving of all players. It is usually made up of three judges for competitive matches.

An injury automatically brings a match to an end to avoid further unwarranted injury to the fighter. A knockout, excessive foul play, if the allowed time for the match has ended, referee stops the game, surrender or conceding defeat by a player, instances where the player’s corner man concedes defeat on the player’s behalf or if the player loses consciousness signify the end of the match. If time has elapsed then the panel makes the judgement on who emerged victoriously. If a fighter does not show up, then the opponent automatically wins. The match may also be cancelled by the referee or the panel for several reasons. A player may be disqualified from the match too especially for foul play.

Mixed Martial Arts mastering need not be a pipe dream. The rules are simple and easy to adhere to but despite this, and they are an integral and important part of the sport. They should not be disregarded under any circumstances. The sport is gaining popularity in non-traditional countries with Japan, China and the United States (including Delaware) leading in its popularity.

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